Visual Discovery of the Correlation between BGP Routing and Round-Trip Delay Active Measurements

Giordano Da Lozzo, Giuseppe Di Battista, Claudio Squarcella


Inter-domain routing data and Internet active probing measurements are two types of information commonly available in huge datasets and subject to extensive, focused analysis. However, the study of the correlation between these two complementary types of information still remains one of the most challenging problems in today's research in networking. In this paper we describe a metaphor for the visualization of the interplay between the routing information exchanged via BGP and the round-trip delay measurements collected by several geolocated probes. We implemented a prototype based on the above metaphor. Our prototype highlights both the Autonomous System topology and the latency associated with each AS-path over time. Further, it shows how probes are partitioned into clusters associated with each border gateway, based on observed traffic patterns. The resulting visualization allows the user to explore the dynamics of the correlation between the two types of information.